Title: Physical Activity & Health: An Interactive Approach, Second Edition
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Chapter 2: Foundations of Physical Activity

The PAR-Q can be used to assess your readiness to participate in physical activity. If you answer yes to any of the questions, you should check with your physician before starting or modifying your physical activity program.
Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire (Par-Q)
You can calculate your appropriate physical activity intensity level in one of three ways: from heart rate; from METS; and from VO2 reserve. Select the appropriate calculation based upon the data available to you. You will need to know your resting heart rate to use the heart rate method. You will need to know your METS capacity and/or VO2max to use options 2 or 3. You can also select the intensity level you desire. If you are just starting out, seek only basic health benefits, or are trying a new activity, select moderate intensity calculations. If you are reasonably fit, are at low risk, and are seeking optimal health and fitness benefits, select the vigorous calculations.
Reserve Methods for Calculation of Intensity
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