Title: Physical Activity & Health: An Interactive Approach, Second Edition
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Chapter 2: Foundations of Physical Activity

There are several signs and symptoms that can alert you to the development of chronic disease. Learn more about recognizing these signs and symptoms from this web site.
Signs and Symptoms of Disease
Risk factors for coronary artery disease can help to predict your risk for developing this life-threatening condition. Use the table on this site to assess your risk. The more risk factors you have, the greater your risk.
Risks Factors for Cardiovascular Disease
The Physical Activity Pyramid shows the recommended forms of physical activity you should participate in. The base of the pyramid includes activities that should make up the majority of your physical activity program. Activities toward the top of the pyramid do not require as frequent participation.
Physical Activity Pyramid
The following site provides links to a variety of physical activities you may wish to participate in.
Alternative Activities
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